Chloé Stora

Above all, Chloé Stora is an attitude. A subtle eye mixed with a strong personality. The French brand is working on lines, patterns and shapes that thoughtfully blend in with the fabrics. A way for the designer to reinterpret traditions and to deconstruct traditional codes. The mood is resolutely boyish and brings out that masculine side in every woman, without keeping charm, elegance and spontaneity out of sight. For several years, Chloé Stora has dedicated her fashion debut to pants in all their forms. She launched her eponymous brand in 2014 to expand her unique eye and work on the entire female silhouette. With 300 multi-brand resellers, Chloé Stora is focused on developing her characteristic boyish spirit in her collections.

Timeless Wonders

Current Antwerp

A mother-daughter initiative.

CURRENT ANTWERP consists of a small capsule collection, not bounded by seasons or any limits for that matter. The right shapes, fabrics and sizing is what makes CURRENT ANTWERP the label for effortless elegance. Founder Inge Van Houte and her daughter Louise Rooms came with the idea to start their own label sparked by the ever-changing dynamic in fashion. Carefully selecting the designs that are currently ready-to-wear. A label designed for and by the modern day woman, who chooses quality over quantity and opting for timeless pieces instead of one day wonders.

Elegant Designs


A graduate of the renowned Danish School of Design, Hanne Graumann started Gritt & Graumann before being poached to the Head Designer position at InWear. After ten years, she left to immerse herself in her passion for vintage clothes, opening the doors to Wetterman & Graumann – a pioneer amongst Copenhagen’s fine vintage shops. She soon returned to design and launched her own label Graumann: a line of elegant, subtle and sophisticated garments. Nothing pleases Hanne Graumann more than individual interpretation of her clothing.

Graumann is interested in highlighting the many facets of a woman: the professional, the friend, the lover, the mother and the citizen. Luxurious and comfortable, Graumann’s clothes are tailored to drape and fall perfectly with your moves. Quality, style and longevity are at the heart of the Danish brand. The founder believes new clothes should be classics in the making – the vintage of the future.

family-friendly foulards


Created in 2012 by Martine Byvoet, Moismont has discreetly established itself in the landscape of luxury accessories with its exclusive creations, geometric and colorful designs. The brand was born in Picardy (France), in the family home of the same name, in the middle of apples and pears orchards. This is where Martine Byvoet established her creative studio. Supported by two stylists, she designs scarves and shawls that are produced in carefully selected workshops in India.

Italian craftmanship

Phisique du Rôle

PDR is passion, accuracy in the details, and artisan tailorship literally overlaid and transferred on every single item as if it were a unique piece.
A constant search for the best materials, for eco-friendly or natural fabrics, exclusive prints, and comfort, all mixed up in an everyday yet refined total look.
Its roots , deeply set in a strong textile district, which made the history of italian knitwear, make of their product a “DOC” made in Carpi one.

vibrant vintage


In the Medina of Marrakesh, Topolina offers a place in which colours, patterns and prints live in perfect harmony. Isabelle Topolina is a designer who loves colour, measured eccentricity and unique vintage cuts. As a former pattern designer at Dior, Isabelle makes exclusive pieces with great attention to details and cuts. Her high-end background shines through her creations. She puts her passion in her garments and in her shop. Topolina presents coats, jackets, pants, dresses, tops and revisited accessories in an interplay of ancient and ethnic fabrics. 

timeless travelwear

Trvl Drss

TRVL DRSS was developed by Amsterdam label Zenggi. With this collection, the brand is offering the perfect solution to women who travel a lot: comfortable and practical clothes for traveling. Ultra-light and wrinkle-free pieces that are also ecological and easy to combine.

The TRVL DRSS collection is both drip ‘n dry and wash’ n wear to prevent the clothes from creasing. They wash easily, dry quickly and do not need to be ironed. The brand went in search of a high-quality fabric, an Italian jersey that is light, wrinkle-free and perfectly washable.

The collection provides unlimited mix and match possibilities in body-friendly shapes and flattering colours for every skintone.



From a daring idea to a brand of renowned quality. In ten years, the Amsterdam brand Zenggi has become a sure value in terms of elegant simplicity in the upper segment.

At the end of a multi-year career at Turnover which earned her several awards, Marian Wigger launched the Zenggi label in 2006 as the first online brand. At the time, a bold choice that is now paying off. Today the label is present in more than 140 high-end boutiques in Europe.

The Amsterdam brand is both effortless and feminine, with an eye for detail in seams, fabrics and lines. Zenggi works with unique materials such as silk, Japanese polyester and mohair wool. Founder Marian Wigger believes that style is a durable good and she chooses items for her collections that last longer than just one season.